Wednesday 27 March 2013

Venturing into new territory...

After several years of publishing 'Faith in the Home' as a printed magazine, it seemed the right time to put something on the 'Net. Hopefully, if I ever figure out how it all works, the latest edition of the newsletter will be available here for readers to access. I've also archived the last few years' worth of issues, with a contents list for each so you have some idea of what's there. I'm hoping eventually to have all the past issues archived, and at some point organise them according to type (so, for example, all you fans of the 'Don't forget the Dads' column will have them all at your fingertips, likewise cookery and craft).
If anyone has good ideas for improving the magazine - if, for example, you feel that it isn't proving very useful to you and there are other things you'd like to see - let me know. Fresh ideas are always welcome. If you would like to contribute an article, however small (maybe just a book or film review) just send it to my email address.

To find the magazines in PDF, just click on the 'archive' link above.