Issue 3   April/May 2006   Domestic Church: Easter to Pentecost; Mary Gardens; Lucy's Cookery Column: Simnel cake; baked cod; Favourite prayers and prayer requests; For the dads: Alan Robinson on the problems with teaching history; Book review: Literary Converts by Joseph Pearce (reviewed by Jospeh Shaw); History resources

Issue 4   June/July 2006     Crafts for June and July (wooden triptych for Corpus Christs; Sts. Peter and Paul mobile; English Martyrs banner; St. Christopher giant posters); St. Gerard's Corner; Homeschooling with the Joyce family; Lucy's Cookery Column (white bread; tarragon chicken); Don't forget the dads (review of Vincent McNabb's'Old Principles and the New Order' by Michael Hennessy); BOOK REVIEW: 'The Sunday Epistles and Gospels' by Monsignor Patrick Boylan, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 5   Aug/Sept 2006  Crafts for August and September (St Dominic Collage; Eucharistic adoration craft; Assumption windsock; true cross craft; feast of St Louis; Our Lady of Sorrows); Home schooling with the Cherry family;St Gerard's Column;Cookery Column (summer fruit terrine; beef stroganoff);  resources for reading, writing and spelling;Don;t forget the dads!;Book review: 'The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary'; 'A scriptural Rosary'; The New Rosary' all reviewed by Joseph Shaw;'The Right Approach (thoughts on homeschooling from Laura Berquist)

Issue 6   Oct/Nov 2006   Domestic Church (early Advent preparations); Art & Craft (rose soaps, Canticle of St. Francis, penal rosary, Christ the King poster, St. Martin doll, stained glass windows, musical instruments for St. Cecilia, and a floral rosary craft); A day in the life from across the Pond!; Lucys Cookery Column (Christmas pudding, Christmas cake); St Gerards Column and A good read’; Maths and science resources; Dont forget the dads!; Book review (Gods Secret Agents: Queen Elizabeth’s Forbidden Priests and the Hatching of the Gunpowder Plot’, by Alice Hogge, reviewed by Joseph Shaw)

Issue 7  Dec/Jan '07  Domestic Church (Crib scene; Christmas straw; Christmas novena; Advent House; Ember days; Advent wall chart; Twelfth Night; Christmas Tree blessing); Twelve Days of Christmas; Art and Craft (Angel card; pine cone Christmas Tree; easy Christmas wreaths; rice wreaths; napkin rings; poinsettia flowers; Christmas stars; twelve days of Christmas garland; shepherdess craft; activities for St John Bosco’s feast); A good read (‘The Gift of Dyslexia’, ‘Brain Gym’ ); Saint Gerard column; A day in the life; favourite prayers; Lucy’s cookery column (decorating the Christmas cake); Don’t forget the dads; Book review (‘The Golden Legend’ by Jacobus de Voragine, reviewed by Joseph Shaw)

Issue 8   Feb-March '07   St Gerard Column; A good read; Art & crafts (Lenten duties; loaves and fishes; Maundy Thursday collage; Holy week and Easter trees; peacock crafts); Lucy’s Cookery column (Easter nests; goat’s cheese tarts; chicken Marsala; roast plums); Don’t forget the dads; Book review (‘Butler’s Lives of the Saints’ reviewed by Joseph Shaw)

Issue 9  April/May '07  Mary gardens revisited; Art and crafts (floral crafts to complement the Mary garden; dragon crafts for St. George’s day; St. Mark; Sts. Bede and Augustine; Ascension day craft); St Gerard’s Corner;  Lucy’s Cookery column (Chocolate gingerbread; tagliatelle with cream and salmon); Don’t forget the dads!; Book review (The Heresy of Formlessness, by Martin Mosebach)

Issue 10   June/July '07   Montessori: and introduction; A day in the life….; St. Gerard’s column; Art and crafts (St. Margaret kilt pin; St. John the Baptist; St. James peg doll; Jesuit galleon poster); Lucy’s cookery column (honey chocolate cake; raspberry, banana and white chocolate muffins); Don’t forget the dads : ‘Beer and the Faith’; Book review by Joseph Shaw (‘A Catholic replies to Professor Dawkins’ by  Thomas Crean OP)

Issue 11    Aug/Sept '07   Lucy’s Cookery column (Roast goose; devilled chicken); St. Gerard’s column for expectant mothers; The realities of home schooling (inc. A Day in the Life); Don’t forget the dads (‘Motu-mania’, by Alan Robinson); Reviews of summer Shakespeare, by Jospeh Shaw

Issue 12   Oct/Nov '07   Craft ideas (feast of guardian angels; rosary craft; miracle of the sun; All saints pictures); lucy's cookery column (mince pies; bread and butter pudding); How Yummy a Mummy are you? by Lucy Shaw; Charlotte Mason and the 'real learning' approach, by Kathryn Hennessy; Book Review: 'Step by Step reading' by Mona McNee; 'A dry Martini to the glory of God': an essay on Cecily Hallack by Alan Robinson

Issue 13   Dec/Jan '08  Letter to the Editor; Book review: ‘For the Children’s Sake’, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay; Recommended Christmas books for children; Epiphany Blessing prayers; “Why home-educate?” by Karen Rodgers; For the dads: Cecily Hallack revisited, by Alan Robinson; Book Review by Joseph Shaw: ‘Domestic Tranquillity: a Brief Against Feminism’ by F. Carolyn Graglia.

Issue 14    Feb/March '08  Art and crafts (Fourteen Holy Helpers dial; Easter egg ‘advent calendar’; beaded egg craft; Easter egg wreath; phoenix colouring; Lent and Easter colouring ideas); Lucy’s Cookery column (hot cross buns; roast chicken with honey and orange); Prayer requests and St Gerard’s column for expectant mothers; ‘Hunger and the modern child’: reflections by Karen Rodgers

Issue 15    April/May '08  Crafts for April and May (Easter lily; ribbon flowers, Cross pony bead pattern; St. Isidore collage; Holy Name plaque); Lucy’s Cookery Column (Ice bowls; Bara Brith); Reviews and recommended saints books; Favourite prayers and prayer requests; Story of a pro-life journey by Elizabeth Dulston; St Gerard’s Corner; Catholic families around Leicestershire by Veronica Pearc; What is Classical Education?; For the dads: Thoughts Half-Baked, or the Soft Muffin of Reality; Book review: ‘The biography of Marcel Lefebvre’ by Tissier de Mallerais, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 16   June/July '08 Craft ideas for June and July (craft in honour of the Most Sacred Heart; Feast of St. Boniface; Albanian walking stick; native Indian-style beads; Victorian shell plaque); Recipes (One pot Polish stew; left-over omelette); Discovering lapbooks (by Amanda Lewin); Favourite prayers and prayer requests (prayer for priests; prayer during pregnancy);  Book review (‘Map of Life: A Simple Study of the Catholic Faith by F.J. Sheed, reviewed by Mark Lewin); Home schooling and purity (by Elizabeth Dulston); Book review (‘Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home’ by Elizabeth Foss, reviewed by Kathryn Hennessy); St Gerard’s corner for expectant mothers; For the Dads!

Issue 17   Aug/Sept '08 Craft ideas (shoebox triptych for feast of the Assumption; rose water; Mary’s birthday cake); Cookery column (Summer Pudding; Pollo alla Cacciotara; gingerbread); St. Gerard’s corner; Ignatian retreat by Jacquie Martinez; ‘Real Learning’ revisited by Lucy Shaw; For the dads: Belloc, Barbarians and Britain; review by David Joyce of ‘Lord of the World’ by Robert Hugh Benson); Book review by Joseph Shaw: The Realm: an Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England’ by Aidan Nichols O.P.

Issue 18  Oct/Nov '08  Craft column (Church pumpkins; poppy wreaths; clay sarcophagus); A visit to an art gallery by Rachel Kingsely;  St Gerard Corner; Lucy's Cookery Column (venison with cider; pineapple upside down cake);  Catholic Homeschooling conference 2008; Book review: 'Raising Maiden's of Virtue' by Stacey McDonald, reviewed by Karen Rodgers; Thoughts on Catholic Education by Alan Robinson; Book review: 'Blessed Thomas Belson: His Life and Times'  by Christine Kelly, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 19  Dec/Jan '09    Christmas plants, by Marion Joyce; Cookery column, by Lucy Shaw (pear and chocolate spread; pork with sweet potato and orange); Christmas prayers (crib blessing and novena); Recommended Christmas reading; Liturgical calendar craft; First Holy Communion prepartion resources and ideas, by Becky Morley; For the dads: Reflections from an empty glass by Mike Hennessy; Films and the Domestic Church by Adrian Dulston; Book review: 'Catholic Traditionalism' by Dr. Raymond Edwards, reviewed by Dr. Joseph Shaw

Issue 20  Feb/Mar '09   Art and Crafts (Palmpaas; Spring Easter baskets; nature baskets); More ideas for First Holy Communion preparation; A day in the life of...the Hennessys; Lucy's Cookery column; St.Valentine biscuits; lime chicken stir-fry; lentil and bacon soup); In this vale of tears: words of encouragement for struggling parents; Prayer requests; St. Gerard's corner; Ideas for Lenten activities; For the Dads (Michael wonders, 'What is it all for anyway?')

Issue 21  April/May '09 Art and Crafts (liturgical wheel; Miraculous Medal Prayer mobile; wooden alphabet of saints; Easter garden); Cookery Column (Fig Tart; Pears Chantilly); Recommended books etc.; Bullying, and a book review; For the dads (Lenten reflections) ; Book Review: 'Nationalism, Positivism and Catholicism: the politics of Charles Maurras and French Catholics 1890-1914 by Michael Sutton, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 22   June/July '09   Lucy's Cookery Column (Trinity Sunday cake; Mughlai chicken); To school or not to homeschool; The American Option: why some familes are opting for U.S. Curriculum providers; Book review: Charles Coulombe: The Pope’s Legion: the Multinational Fighting Force that Defended the Vatican, reviewed by Joseph Shaw.

Issue 23   August/Sept '09 Art and crafts (Fourteen Holy Helpers lapbook);Workboxes: organising your home-school; 'Getting Started with Latin' by W. Linney; Lucy's Cookery Column (bramble jelly; chicken risotto); Why I started homeschooling by Caroline Dupuis; Invisible mothers; For the dads: 'Nazareth and Social Chaos'; Book Review: 'Translating Tradition: A Chant Historian Reads Liturgicam Authenticam' by Peter Jeffery;  Badman, Chesterton and the family

Issue 24   Oct/Nov '09  Craft ideas by Marion Joyce (toy water well; magnetic fish; wheel pasta craft); Lucy's Cookery Column (quail baked in clay; chicken pie); Prayers and prayer requests (with guardian angel prayer); Health visitors; or the state and our children by Clare Starck; A day in the life of ...the Cherry family; Catholic home-education and GCSEs; BOOK REVIEW: 'The Mass and the Saints' by Thomas Crean, O.P., reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 25  Dec/Jan '10  Reflections on nature study; Latin in the fast Lane: a new Latin course; The Irish Situation; Lucy's Cookery Column (Stollen; Stove-top dauphinoise with rocket and pancetta); In defence of health visitors; 'In the world but not of the world'

Issue 26  Feb/Mar '10  Crafts for Lent by Theresa Shingler (Crown of thorns; crown of thorns for little people; sacrifice beads); Lucy's Cookery Column (chocolate Easter eggs; beef casserole); Keeping Quail by Teresa Glynn; Starting out on the home-education safari ride by Mary Lord; Autonomous Home Education by Clare Auty; St. Gerard's Column and prayers; Reflections on Oxford admissions by Joseph Shaw; Book review: Catholic Truth Society Concise History series (various titles) reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 27  April/May '10  Arts and crafts (dragon pinata; Pentecost soap carving; St. Bede sewing cards; making a Marian banner); Lucy's Cookery column (sugar roses; fish pie); My interest in the Traditional Mass by Claire Auty; Introducing '' by Agostino Di Falco; 'The Death of a Bill' by Michael Hennessy; Book review : 'Proclaiming the Gospel of Life', Ed Fr Richard Whinder, reviewed by
Joseph Shaw

Issue 28 June/July '10  Crafts for June and July (Sacred Heart of  Jesus garlands; crushed grape juice);  Lucy's Cookery Column (traditional lemonade; lamb navarin); A day in the life of the Conlon Family; Keeping little ones busy; The Eclipse, a poem by Adrian Dulston; DVD Review: ‘The Christian Institution of the Family: A dynamic force to regenerate society’; ‘Arise Once More: Reviving Catholic Britain’ . Reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 29  Aug/Sept 2010   Craft ideas (painted saints; St Michael fiery swords); Lucy's Cookery Column (Rowan and apple jelly; classic tomato sauce with beef); Why read aloud to your children?; Six fat slugs: an early reading game;  Book review: 'Small steps for Catholic moms' reviewed by Theresa Shingler; Organising our liturgical year activities; Cheerful children's chores by Alison Khan; reviews by Marion Joyce; A few courgette recipes (and pecan pie); For the dads: 'Bourgeois comfort, meliorism and the flight from sanctity' by Michael Hennessy

Issue 30  Oct/Nov '10  Craft ideas by Theresa Shingler (Infant Jesus for the manger; stained glass pictures; Our Lady of Guadalupe hand puppet); Lucy's Cookery Column (mincemeat tart; shepherd's pie); Maths, maths and more maths!; Book Review: 'Nazareth' reviewed by Caroline Farquhar; Day in the life...of the Grimer family; Resources for the month of the Holy Rosary; Book Review: 'The Great Prayer: concerning the Canon of the Mass' by Hugh Ross Williamson, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 31 Dec/Jan '11  Crafts for November and December by Theresa Shingler (painting; play dough; junk modelling); Lucy's cookery column (Surprise Christmas pudding; chicken saute);Ways of celebrating Advent and Christmastide; 'Extension activities' by Mary Lord; Christmas season booklist from Marion Joyce; Eric Gill revisited by Alan Robinson

Issue 32  Feb/March ' 11  Craft ideas (fresco painting; Saints David and Patrick; lily craft);Lucy's cookery column (pancakes; chicken saute); Introducing your toddlers to music by Mary Lord; recommended websites;Consecration to Mary;Resources for The Annunciation; Easter book reviews;Saint Margaret Clitherow: a belated tribute; BOOK REVIEW: 'Orthodoxy' by G.K. Chesterton, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 33  April/May '11 Arts and crafts  by Theresa Shingler (Palm Sunday crosses; Easter gardens; St George dragons; Rosary pebbles; pressed flower backdrop);Lucy's cookery column (hot chocolate with marshmallows; stuffed chicken breasts); Resources (audio talks; mantillas);.In Defence of Orthodoxy: a response to Dr. Shaw; Easter thoughts from Alan Robinson; Papa goes to Stronsay : one father's experience of life with the Redemptorists; Book review: ‘Decadent Enchantments: The Revival of Gregorian Chant at Solesmes’, by Katherine Bergeron, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 34  June/July '11  Craft ideas for June and July (triptych for Corpus Christi; English Martyrs banner; St. Christopher giant posters); LMS Pilgrimage in honour of Saint Margaret Clitherow by Sue Whitaker; Lucy's Cookery column (Boston Cream Pie; summer berry medley);  Teaching Old Testament stories to little ones by |Mary Lord; Teaching reading in the home by Karen Rodgers;Sacred Heart prayers; Papa (goes to) Stronsay by Mark Lewin;  For the Dads by Michael Hennessy

Issue 35  Aug/Sept '11 Crafts for August and September:From the Archives, 2006 by Marion Joyce;Lucy's Cookery Column  (bottling plums; green chicken curry); Magazines for children by Karen Rodgers; St. Gerard's Corner; Handwriting by Kathryn Hennessy; For the Dads by Michael Hennessy (lazy lucubrations) and Alan Robinson; Book Review: The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, by Joseph Pearce, and De Profundis, by Oscar Wilde, reviewed by Joseph Shaw  

Issue 36   Oct/Nov '11  Art and craft ideas by Theresa Shingler (Jesse Tree; decorated serving platter); Lucy's Cookery column (Trio of slow braising recipes; sticky toffee pudding); More on magazines by Alison Khan; Book review:'A Little Way of Homeschooling' by Suzie Andres; What? How? When?! Questions from new home-educators; Onwards and upwards! (Hennessy update); Papa goes to Stronsay (part three) by Mark Lewin; St. Nicholas' day December 6th

Issue 37   Dec/Jan '12  Crafts for December (Christmas star pomanders; stained glass windows);  Lucy's Cookery Column (Glazed ham with caramelized fruits; sherried turkey and ham bake); A selection of Christmas prayers;.Top five Christmas gifts; Advice Corner;  For the Dads: What remains of Christmas?  By  Michael Hennessy

Issue 38  Feb/March '12  Crafts (clay baby tooth pot; papier mache grotto; sacrifice beads; palm crosses); recipes (lamb stew, shamrock biscuits); advice for new home-educators; how NOT to homeschool!; Domestic church; Catholic homeschooling utopia?;  More lazy lucubrations by Michael Hennessy.

Issue 39  April/May '12  Crafts for May by Theresa Shingler (flowers for Our Lady; online sewing and knitting carnivals) ;  Lucy's Cookery Column (Apricot clafoutis; Pot-Roast Chicken with potatoes, bacon, garlic and thyme); Nature study for May and June by Becky Morley; Advice Corner: Home-educating an only child; Domestic Church in May;  From home-school to school, a personal perspective by John Joseph Hennessy ; Papa goes to Stronsay  by Mark Lewin; Book review: 'The Organic Development of the Liturgy, by Alcuin Reid Reviewed by Joseph Shaw

Issue 40   June/July '12 Catholic  Home education (part 1): why do we do what we do?  (School versus education; How did we get where we are today?;  Catholic schools: how different are they?;Can home-education ever be 'as good as school'?; Catholic education: spiritual, cultural and intellectual; Education at home: conversing, reflecting, simplifying);  Reflections on Oxford admissions by Dr Joseph Shaw (an extract reprinted from issue 26); Domestic Church in July

Issue 41  Aug/Sept '12  Catholic home-education (part 2): What is 'traditional' education?; Where can we find it?; How do we know what to teach and when?; The primary years: back to basics and interest-led learning; The Secondary years:  a new set of challenges;    what about GCSEs?; Teaching our children about Heaven  by Adrian Dulston

Issue 42  Oct/Nov '12  Craft ideas for October and November (slippers for St Crispin; fishers of
men for St Andrew's day; real rose rosaries; tissue paper rosary; child's own rosary book);Lucy's cookery column (tea time recipes: scones, crumpets, Battenburg cake;  Huff 'n' Puff pork; beef hotpot); Favourite prayers and prayer requests; Ideas for teaching English; Two book reviews by Joseph Shaw:  'A Cairn of Small Stones by John watts; Spanish John: Being a narrative of the early life of Colonel John M'Donell of Scottos'

Issue 43   Dec/Jan '13  Craft ideas by Theresa Shingler (Saint Lucia doll; poinsettia flowers; re-useable Advent calendar); Lucy's Cookery Column (mulled wine; mincemeat tart; pear and chocolate spread; slow cooked short rib of beef; chicken tagine);  English Language: methods and resources (primary years); GCSEs revisited

Issue 44       Feb/March '13    Craft ideas for Easter by Heather Halsey (Paschal candle; Resurrection set); Lucy's Cookery Column (trifle; Hot Cross buns; Ragu; Italian baked chicken); Some thoughts on helping children learn a second language (by Karen Rodgers); St. Gerard's Corner and Prayer requests; Book Review: 'Television: the soul at risk', by Isabelle Dore, reviewed by Joseph Shaw

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